Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 Kingdoms~of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's up!!!! Today I'm going to talk about the 6 kingdoms of life and how they are classified in to different Kingdoms....

Plant Kingdom-Are made up of many cells that have an outer cell wall another thing they have is a membrane bound nucleus.....WHAT... All plants make there food by Photosynthesis. Most of the groups are mosses, flowering plants and conifers.

Fungi Kingdom-Contains single-celled organisms that reproduce by spores. It also has cells that are surrounded by wall's , like plants. Fungi has  no Chlorophyll so basically what that means is that is can't make its own food. Most fungi are decomposed in the food chain one celled-organism is (unicellular ed)

Protists Kingdom-Is made up of  Unicellular which is one celled. The nucleus of a protists cell is enclosed in a nuclear  membrane...WOW.. You learn something new everyday!!!!hahah... Anyway  some prostist such as the paramecium, and the aomeba feed on other living things. Some like algea make there food from photosynthesis.

Archeabacteria Kingdom-This kingdom is only made of one celled organisms. These kind of cells are not called (Prokaryotes). They use energy to grow and develop..... Some can be found in really hot water cause that's how they get there energy for some of them at least. They have been placed into a separate kingdom because it has a different chemical. The way their there genetics material reproduces is different to.

Eubacteria Kingdom-It can not make its own food.. It must find its own food like some of the other kingdoms. They are chemically similar to other kingdoms but not archaebacteria. I know that it is really boring right now but our next kingdom is the animal kingdom and I don't think you will be bored with that.

Animal Kingdom-Is a kingdom that is made up of many cells. These cells have a nucleus that is contained in side a thing called a membrane. As humans we are part of the animal kingdom not the plant kingdom just so that doesn't get confused:). Animals are divided in to groups , invertebrates things with out a backbone and vertebrate's have back bones.   For example snakes are invertebrates because they don't have a backbone. Well a dog is a vertebrate because it does have a backbone.



  1. OK i havft to addmit tht the video was good but the music in it was terrible

  2. Nice blog and overall it was in your own words anyway nice blog

  3. You did good I was not bored when I read it.It was not to long or to short.You put it in your own words.You had good grammer and spelling.I could not find anything wrong so GOOD JOB!!!!!!:) :D :)